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March 13, 2008


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I think one of the most challenging subjects facing an artist is the self portrait. I know for many of us this has been a standard exercise in many drawing classes and its always hard to bring a fresh approach to a subject that most of us see everyday. But I think there is an opportunity here to explore not only what we show the outside world but what we keep hidden on the inside. A successful self portrait should be revealing, it should offer up something about the artist beyond what a camera can provide. It is an opportunity to be authentic, transparent and vulnerable.

I personally have always dreaded approaching drawing or painting myself, aside from the fact I apparently have no idea what I look lit since people tell me the end results never look like ME. Every time I do aproach using myself as the model, I always wind up discovering more about myself. I dont think as artists we can spend that much time on a subject and NOT learn something about the model, even if it is ourselves =)

The benefit to using ourself as a model of course is access. We dont have to pay ourselves to model, we can work whatever hours we wish and we dont have to carry on a conversation with ourselves, unless of coure you really want to =). Many artists are known to us through history as a result of their self portraits... Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Gogh to name a few. Their paintings give us a glimpse to who they were not as an artist... but as a person. In the case of Rembrandt for example, we get to see him age through the years via a series of self portraits. The older version is much more humble then the arrogant young Rembrandt.

These self portraits I think are successful because they reveal something about the artist. See if you can learn something about these artists from a glimpse into their portraits!

Self Portrait by Ausila   :thumb44939379:

Self Portrait by Lv21Fish   ...Self-portrait... by Callista1981


:thumb58258367:   Self-Portrait As 220 Grit by donnerstag22

Self Portrait by DeRoodeKoning   Self Portrait by blind-awakening

Self Portrait with Beard by carts   self portrait 5 by danjacob

4-1-2004 self portrait by crimmy   Self Portrait by infernovball

Self-portrait by ErikWidqvist   Self-Portrait by dekooning

:thumb78941105:   self by Darkdesyre
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Thank you for the feature (and sorry for the belated response)!
Ha no problem, Im glad you enjoyed it.. even late !
blacksmithy84 Mar 18, 2008
I must say I am a big fan of your postings and journals! Keep it up, you have a great eye for great work!
Thank you hun!
I`ve done a self portrait before, a couple...Though thinking about it, they don't say much about me. I left out details and was skimpy on shading. This makes me want to do an exaggerated version of myself, highlighting the negative bits instead of the positive for a change of pace. Think I'll try it : D
I cant wait to see it, you will have to send me the link when its done =)
: D <3 will do!
imperfect Mar 14, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
What a wonderful news article.
great article :) very interesting
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